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About Gene Kahn

HQ:  Great Kolor, Walnut Creek        Founded:  2005


Business Focus: Assist Nonprofits with sensible choices in outdoor advertising.

What it does:  Evolved from local print shop roots, Great Kolor secures low cost (high profile) outdoor ad space and then prints/installs the finished graphics

Source of start-up capital:  Self financed

Education background: Graduate of CUNY-Brooklyn College with BA in Social Science

Reason for starting business: The company Gene worked at was purchased and closed in 2005 and Great Kolor was born two weeks later - moral of this story? When one door closes (very often) another will open for you

Most difficult part of decision: Not difficult--in a sink or swim moment, it's good to know swimming is your best option

Biggest plus of ownership: The empowerment of being in charge of your own destiny

Biggest drawback: Negative is the flip side of positive, being in charge puts responsibility squarely on your shoulders, business is dependent on your state of mind and successes and failures are owned by you

Biggest mistake: Summer of 2007 an incorrectly spec'd restaurant window graphic was printed, delivered and couldn't install. Although (at the time) a serious failure it caused a major improvement. Going forward every job begins with a one page agreement. This includes the exact specification, production, turnaround time and price commitment. Next there's a sign-off for final art approval. So before any printing moves forward--we (and client) review and sign-off on art and job specification twice. The results? It's been ten years and counting of perfect printing.

Biggest business strength: Very fortunate that many clients compliment us with glowing endorsements for reliability, quality and dedication to excellent customer service

Biggest business weakness: None. Well okay, maybe it’s outreach time/energy/data management. Fortunately solid referrals continue to deliver a steady stream of new clients and business.

Biggest risk: There really isn’t much risk, Great Kolor is a tight little business

Smartest move: Decision to put resources into organizing a brief and to the point Nonprofit education program. We call it the Not-For-Profit Publicity Workshop. The volunteer venues like ODC Dance, California Historical Society, Mission Cultural Center and Robert Cameron’s Environmental Journey were all excellent and feedback from the attendees has been terrific.

Favorite task: Aligning clients wants/needs with Great Kolor's capabilities      Least favorite task: Having to say no

Source of support in a business crisis: My much better half: St. Michelle         Biggest frustration: Commuter traffic

Most challenging task: Same as favorite task--aligning capabilities with our clients wants and needs

Key goal yet to achieve: Financial stability. For a very short moment it was in hand, then the housing bust cleaned our clock. That's okay, lesson learned, we're climbing back.

Favorite music:  "It's About The Climb"   Queen @ LIVE AID

Inducement to sell: I really enjoy doing this so it would be a substantial buyout to induce selling--an eight figure proposal would definitely cause me to stop, sit and listen :  )

First move with capital windfall: Once around the world trip on boat and train (just me and the Mrs.)


Most admired entrepreneur: Benjamin Franklin     Most interested in meeting: Napoleon Hill
Favorite film: The Lion King     Favorite pastimes: Hiking the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range with my sons
Favorite destination: Mt Evans, Colorado      Favorite book: “The Magic of Thinking Big”, Dr. David J Schwartz
Stress reducers: Listening to motivational CD’s in the car      Favorite restaurant: Nordstrom’s Café
Five year plan: Take that world vacation      What is on your iPod: Still don’t have one (remarkable - huh ?  :  )
P.S: Why not call 415/902-6448 and let's do some great work together?   All the Best, Gene