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​An amusing side note is when complimented on his skill as a photographer Mr. Cameron was quick to say that he was not very good. With a twinkle in his eye, he said he knew that to be true because his friend Ansel regularly told him so. Although upon seeing Half Dome photograph, Ansel told Bob “It looks like a color Ansel Adams from the air."

November 10, 2009, five months shy of 99 years old, Mr. Cameron passed on. Although best known throughout his life as the publisher of 'ABOVE BOOKS', Photography will be Mr. Cameron’s legacy – his gift to future generations and Tony Cameron, Tim Hall and Gene Kahn have partnered to promote this legacy. The set goal is ten percent of Mr. Cameron’s photograph sales to build a $50,000. annual scholarship fund. Fully funded there will be twenty seven annual awards – focused on the three core ingredients for successful photography: capture, printing and sales.

​​​​About Robert Cameron     1911-2009

In 2006 famed aerial photographer/publisher Mr. Robert Cameron and Master Photo Printer/Artist Tim Hall (neighbors for over 40 years) first met.

Although his eye sight was almost gone, Mr. Cameron remained very active – publishing 'ABOVE BOOKS' while still photo shooting with his big Pentax 6x7 Camera from helicopters. And he did all this
while working three days a week at his office.

The two immediately began working together in a race against time. True photo-graphic imaging was phasing out. Supplies of film and processing chemicals were dwindling. And Mr. Cameron was already 94 years old.

Tim became Mr. Cameron's eyes in the darkroom producing:
1) The ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNEY (this gallery filled 1/3 of the Metreon's ground floor for two year run).
2) A limited signed photo-metallic portfolio: Cameron Folio.
3) A limited signed edition of possibly the best photograph ever taken of jazz great Louie Armstrong.
4) A yet to be displayed ABOVE EXHIBITION.

Knowing that Mr. Cameron was a good friend, golfing buddy and also a competitor of Mr. Ansel Adams (and having worked on both of these Pro Photographers images), Tim’s comparative statement of two photographer greats is worth contemplating.






"Bob’s work often evokes a strong emotional response, his black and white capture of Louie Armstrong is extraordinarily good, and although his work is very different in perspective, technically speaking, Bob’s color work is better than Ansel Adams.”

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